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1: What is type 1 diabetes (T1DM)?

2: Why is insulin important in the body?

3: What does glucose do in the body?

4: When was insulin invented?

5: Why is low blood sugar a problem?

6: Why is high blood sugar a problem?

7: What causes low blood sugar?

8: What causes high blood sugar

9: Is there a cure for type 1 diabetes?

10: Explain diabetes to a young kid


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Interview with David Hay Jones

Amy Jill Miller talks to founder David Hay Jones about the history of the site and his involvement with Open Source Lifestyles today.

Question: Tell us about and OSL.

DHJ: I started these websites at the beginning of the 2000s. Back then we were just, which was Testing Under Natural Conditions. We tested anything we wanted to test. And it grew from there.

Question: is much bigger today. What happened?

DHJ: I met some people, including Athina Simonidou and Giles Devos, who wanted to buy the site and take it in a different direction. It seemed a good idea, so I sold it.

Question: Why do you stay involved with the site?

DHJ: I use the money I make to fund diabetes research and information. I also plow money into book publishing projects.

Question: You write and design for

DHJ: I write about the subjects I'm interested in: running, fitness, type 1 diabetes, a few other things. I don't get involved in Athina's and Giles' work. I no longer have a say about content.

Question: So you don't have overall control over content?

DHJ: No, and nor would I want to. I support individual freedom of expression.

Question: How does make its money?

DHJ: All the usual ways.

Question: What are your political views?

DHJ: I only talk politics to friends and family, people I trust.

Question: What are your religious beliefs?

DHJ: My belief is that you should only talk about such things with people you really trust.

Question: What do you think about people who ask personal questions of you in public?

DHJ: I guess it's either their job or they are nosey.

Question: Are you married?

DHJ: I never talk about my personal and private life.

Question: Who would you like to see win the presidential election in 2012?

DHJ: I would like the best candidate to win.

Question: Who is that?

DHJ: It depends on your political convictions.

Question: What are your convictions?

DHJ: My conviction is never to talk about such matters in public.

Question: What do you value in life?

DHJ: Family and freedom.

Question: What are your favorite tv shows?

DHJ: I never watch tv.

Question: What is your favorite newspaper?

DHJ: I don't read newspapers.

Question: What is your favorite movie?

DHJ: Can you stop asking stupid questions?

Question: What do you want right now?

DHJ: For this interview to end.

Question: Your wish is granted.

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